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Locks Change Brampton Brampton Locksmith 519-489-2331 Locks Change Brampton Secure Locking Mailbox What is the reason behind the Post Office having large secure locking mailboxes that are so large? The answer is to ensure enough security. This is the same reason that you will require not just a locking mailbox […]

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Locks Change Vaughan Vaughan Locksmith 519-489-2331 Locks Change Vaughan Commercial Locks For Every Need The job’s not done until the locks are on the door. A beautifully designed and quality built commercial building requires a variety of quality door locks. Careful selection should be made to install the best locks […]

Locks Change Vaughan

Locks Change Oakville Oakville Locksmith 519-489-2331 Locks Change Oakville Key Control or High Security Lock & Key Systems What is the risk? Key control, or more accurately the lack of key control is one of the biggest risks that businesses or property owners face. Without a key control system you […]

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Locks Change Toronto Toronto Locksmith 519-489-2331 Locks Change Toronto High Security Locks – Are They More Secure? Everyone has heard the term “High Security Locks”, but what does that mean? What makes a lock high security and are they worth the extra money that you will pay for them? For […]

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Locks Change Waterdown Waterdown Locksmith 519-489-2331 Locks Change Waterdown T-Handles – High Security Locking System T-Handles were first invented for use on Vending Machines. Over the years many different manufacturers have found ways to use them on a wide range of products. There are two major parts, the pop out […]

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Locks Change Kitchener Kitchener Locksmith 519-489-2331 Locks Change Kitchener Biometric Locks – Know the Basic Facts About Them The recent inventions of science and technology have certainly brought revolution in the world. The impact of the technology has been felt even in the minutest details of our lives. Obviously, it […]

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Locks Change Woodstock Woodstock Locksmith 519-489-2331 Locks Change Woodstock Magnetic Locks Magnetic locks, like electric strikes, use electromagnetism to control the locking mechanism. They rely on electric power, whether from a building current or a battery, and as a result they’re as dependable as a refrigerator, TV, or bedside alarm […]

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Locks Change Burlington Burlington Locksmith 519-489-2331 Locks Change Burlington Re-Keying Door Locks – Padlocks and Cam Locks So what exactly is Re-Keying and what does it mean to you? Re-Keying is the process where the lock code and keys are changed. First, the new code is generated and the combination […]

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Locks Change New Hamburg New Hamburg Locksmith 519-489-2331 Locks Change New Hamburg The Benefits Of Electronic Keyless Door Locks How many times have you been locked out of your house? It’s not an uncommon occurrence – nearly everyone can recall at least one time they were stuck outside waiting for […]

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Xpress Locksmith Burlington Burlington Ontario Locksmith 519-489-2331   Xpress Locksmith Burlington The lock feature of almost any item is highly important to keep its content secure. Be it for your house, your car, or even just your briefcase, locks are indispensable tools for security and protection. However, there are many […]

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